The History of the Humble Lawn Mower

With the advancement of technology, different lawn mowers are available these days. The problem is that most of the people think that lawnmowers were this advanced right from the start. This is not true at all. Initially, the lawn mowers were pretty basic in design as well as function.

first ever reel mowerThere were various patents which revolutionized the lawn mowers. The development history of lawn mowers is more than 100 years long.

During the course of years, there have been numerous patents filed for lawnmower technology. Many of these patents did not actually turn into features in lawn mowers.

On the other hand, some patents entirely revolutionized the lawnmower industry.

The significant patents and developments in the lawnmower industry have been mentioned below.



The 1st lawn mower patent was filed in 1830. The mechanic who filed this patent went by the name of Edwin Budding.

According to him, this is a machine which is not just useful but also healthy for the individuals who use the machine on a regular basis.


Amariah Hills launched the spiral bladed lawnmower in this year and also received the patent in the United States.

This was one of the 1st lawn mowers as we know it today.

1903 riding lawn mower1921:

In 1921, Knud and Oscar Jacobsen produced a gas engine based lawnmower.

The speed of the lawn mower was 4 acres per day.

This was the 1st lawn mower for commercial usage. It could easily be used for golf courses as well as commercial parks.


In the year 1929, lawn mowers with the rotary blades were launched by William Beazlet.

They could be driven horizontally.

This ensured that the grass was cut to a very small length. This significantly increased in the functionality of the lawnmower.


In 1938, Toro launched the lawnmowers as we know them today. The marketing tagline of the company was that lawn mowers are now so easy to use that even kids can use it.

According to the company, these lawnmowers will help the homeowners retain the suburban looks of their homes.

These lawn mowers were highly effective and were more like the ones which we use today.

1953 Snapping Turtle Lawnmower1953:

In 1953, Briggs and Stratton came out with the lightweight lawn mowers.

These were made from aluminum engines.


In the year 2000, a couple of companies launched the robotic lawn mowers. This made it much easier for the homeowners to use them.

These also ticked all the check-boxes in the buying guide of a lawnmower.


black and decker cordless mowerIn this year, Black and Decker released a cordless lawn mower which had extra batteries as well as the fast charging feature.

This again revolutionized the entire lawnmower industry.

History Unfolding

As you can see, the number of developments in the lawnmower industry have been plenty.

These days you can choose from a range of riding mowers and push mowers even being able to chose eco-friendly manual or electrical powered mowers. The number of brands are also plentiful with my favorite being Ariens.

In fact, the variants in lawn mowers are so many these days though, that it can become confusing for the consumer to choose the best riding lawn mower.

The lawnmower’s which we witness today are much more advanced than the initial ones which were launched. This is the reason why they are so seamless and smooth these days.