Are Push Reel Mowers Worth It?

If you are like many first time home owners you will have a lawn that you want to keep up on, but at the same time you might be on somewhat of a tight budget. Naturally, you might be thinking about investing in a push reel mower since they don’t require the hassle and cost of oil or gas. Plus they are virtually silent. In this article I would like to bring up the pros and cons of these type of mowers so you can decide if they are the right tool for the job.

First off, and probably one of the biggest aspects is going to be the money you will save in the long run. The push reel mowers themselves are usually cheaper than their gas or battery powered cousins. Add in the fact that they won’t be requiring gasoline or electricity and they all the sudden become much more budget friendly. In addition to the money you will be saving, don’t forget the fact that push reel mowers are much better for the environment.

They don’t give off any harmful pollution to the atmosphere and they don’t smell like gas when you are done mowing your lawn.

reel mowing

Major Advantages

Another major advantage comes in the noise department. Since they don’t have an engine, they are virtually silent. Feel free to mow whenever you want without disturbing your neighbors.

This is great for those who may have whacky work schedules such as graveyard shifts.

Neighbor Friendly

Due to the fact that they don’t have engines and contain less working parts than other types of mowers, they are simply smaller and lighter.

reel lawn mower womanThis is also good when you are trimming around objects in the yard, or any awkward space for that matter.

You shouldn’t need help if you need to load the mower into the back of a truck, and when you are done you can hang many of them on the wall of your garage to save even more space.


Exercise is another thing to consider if you are thinking about purchasing a push reel mower. Many people buy these for this reason alone.

Not only will you be keeping your lawn nice and neat, but you will be improving your health not only by pushing the mower, but by not breathing in those obnoxious odors that other mowers can emit.

You can expect to burn somewhere around four hundred calories per hour while mowing your lawn with a push type mower.

Quality of Cut

Lastly, reel mowers actually cut the grass quite well. The sharp blades you can find on them make clean cuts to the grass when compared to the traditional rotary mowers which actually tear the tips off the grass and leave many jagged edges that can turn yellow.

Although there are many positive things that push type mowers bring to the table, there are some negative aspects that need to be considered as well.

Reel mowers work best when keeping up on well maintained yards.

They are capable of handling those tall weeds and vines, but the amount of energy you will expend can be pretty tough. If you plan on tackling a job such as an overgrown yard, you can expect there to be lots of debris that has accumulated over time.

Things such as scrap metal, soda bottles, sticks, and rocks can jam the blades and that just isn’t fun.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself in a very frustrating situation if this is the case.

Good For Smaller Yards

If you have a larger yard, one that’s say over half an acre, you might want to think about a different type of lawn mower unless you are a really energetic person.

reel lawn mower manIn addition, reel mowers are usually a bit narrower than some other types of lawn mowers, meaning you need to make more passes with your mower to cut the same amount of grass.

All of this means more time spent cutting the lawn. If it is larger than this, it will take even more time to mow, so you should be realistic about what you actually want to accomplish.

If it is smaller though, reel mowers might just end up working out great for you.

Push reel mowers are designed to mow at a certain height by means of how they are made. If your yard has hills and crevices, then you can expect the mower to duplicate the patterns of the contour of your lawn. The visible part of your lawn could potentially look funny.

Push mowers work best on lawns that are fairly flat.

Keep in mind that there are some plants that have thick stalks composed of tough, fibrous material. They look good and are great for landscaping in some of the drier parts of the country, but they are difficult to cut with a push mower. Even overly thick grass can bog down your mower making it very tiring work. If the grass is able to bog down a gas powered mower, it is more than capable of posing quite a challenge for a reel mower if not making it all together impossible.

With this information in hand, you should be able to decide if purchasing a push reel mower will be the right decision for your needs. If you have a smaller yard and want to avoid the hassle of filling your mower with gasoline as well as eliminating noise and pollution, then buying a push mower should be an excellent investment in my opinion.

10 Reasons To Consider A Push Reel Mower.

10 reasons why you should consider buying a push reel lawn mower.

1. Be environmentally friendly! No pollution, no oil, no gas.

You are the power supply for your mower.


2. These aren’t the old fashioned mowers you may think they are.

These mowers and cutting edge, precision designed to get the job done. See for yourself, you will be surprised how advanced these mowers are.


3. No noise.

No more disturbing your neighbors by mowing early in the morning or late at night.

mower reel

4. No engine trouble.

Never again will you have to deal with a mower that won’t start.


5. You don’t have to struggle to start this mower.

There’s no cord to pull, engine to prime, just push and go.


6. Lower cost.

These mowers cost less than the traditional gas powered lawn mower. You don’t have to pay for an expensive engine and all the other mechanical parts that come with those mowers.


7. Be an individual in your neighborhood.

Why be just like everybody else. Stand apart from the crowd when you mow your lawn.


8. Push reel mower is fun to use.


9. Perfect for use in urban areas. Smaller yards, close neighbors. There’s no need for a loud conventional mower if you have a smaller yard. Not to mention disturbing all your neighbors when you mow.

10. Because you’ve always wanted to try a push reel mower. Admit it, you’ve been curious about how these work. Now’s the time to see for yourself.