Things To Know About Lawn Mowing in Australia

A beautiful and healthy landscaped grass lawn is really a treat to the eyes and added charm to the house. lawn mowing depends on several factors; these factors contribute to making a healthy grass lawn. Cutting grass is one important factor. If the grass is not pruned properly, it will go long and make your lawn look like an un-managed grazing land.

Also it will enhance the growth of bugs and mosquitoes. These pests prefer cool temperatures and shades to breed and multiply.

Bust Up Those Bugs

Keeping your grass to a moderate length will surely help to lessen the number of bugs.

bugs in grassGrass lawns have to be mowed according to the weather conditions to attain a perfect balance. Mow the grass little longer in the summer and during the cold weather, make it shorter.

Length of the leaf blades or the height factor remain different for different types of grasses.

Many people are still unaware of the fact that each grass has its own recommended mowing height, and mowing in a wrong manner can only destroy your expensive grass lawn.

Here are some basic grass types grown and guidelines to be followed while pruning to attain its perfect stature.

Pleasant to Look At

Very pleasant to walk on, the variety of grass known as Sir Walter Buffalo has soft leaves and has an attractive green color.

It performs well in hot climates and can tolerate shades too. It does not require much mowing and is often selected when compared to other varieties.

This grass remains the best when cut to a height of 1.5 to 2.5 inches.

Another variety of dark green soft grass is Palmetto St Augustine Buffalo. This low maintenance grass variety has strong root system and performs well in the drought season too.

It is mostly opted in places where more traffic is found. This variety of grass is often pruned to a height of 1.5 to 2.5 inches.

Choosing The Correct Grass

Kikuyu is a strong growing grass that has wide leaves and thick runners. Considered among expensive grasses, it requires weekly mowing and does not perform well in shadows and in damp conditions. It grows rapidly in sunny, warm.

sir walter buffalo grassOften found growing to a height of 5.5 inches, it remains best when pruned to a height of 2.5 to 3.5 inches.

The vigorously growing Shademaster Buffalo has a wide, soft leaf, making it more suited to shadier areas.

The ST 91 is another type of grass often found grown in Sydney that gives a very tightly matted lawn. This kind requires extra water in summer.

These are among the major grass varieties in Sydney.

Each grass is different and it calls for different levels of attention and care. This should always be kept in mind before deciding to choose and planting the grass. Following these tips can help you to keep your lawn healthy and green.

How to mow

How to mow or how to cut a lawn is a really basic topic I know, but I’ve seen so many homeowners do it incorrectly, that I believe its something necessary to talk about. Its one of the more important aspects in keeping a lawn looking green and healthy.

First off, never bag your grass clippings, it is the worst thing that you can do. Bags are awful, they let you mow with less frequency and still give you that “clean” look. The bad thing about that “clean” look is that it is allowing you to mow less frequent and you probably are scalping your grass placing un-needed stress on your lawn.

The scalped look of a lawn appears white and stressed out, or mowing more then 1/3 of the grass blade at a time.

You need to mow once a week during the growing season, or at a point where you don’t have clumps of clippings and not scalping your grass. Some people think that mowing too frequent is stressful for turf, which it is, but this would mean mowing daily or every other day.

This just isn’t something that a homeowner or contractor would ever do. As you know, each blade of grass has valuable nutrients inside, which will go directly back into the soil once you stop using a bag on your mower.

how to mow lawn

Not only that, but once the grass clippings have broken down, they create organic matter. This will provide you with several extra benefits like holding nutrients, increase water holding capacity, buffer salts, and balance the ph of your soil.

Golf courses collect clippings because it can effect the playability of the game, but there is no reason for you to do it in your backyard.

Secondly, keep your mower blades sharp. Mowing is stressful to grass, the sharper your blades, the less stress is put upon your lawn.

Any professional can tell if your blades are dull without having to look at the mower, the frayed and bruised tips of your grass are the give away.

Simply put, the sharper your blades, the greener your grass.

Lastly mowing height and time of day to mow. A 2-2.5″ mowing height should suffice most grass types and create a thick healthy turf. This mowing height is usually used by most landscape contractor services and suggested by the Cornell extension.

When to Mow

A good time of day to mow would be as soon as the dew has cleared and your grass is dry enough to not create clumps of clippings.

Mowing should be considered one of the many important aspects of lawn care. When in conjunction with a sound fertility program and watering schedule will create a healthy and green lawn.